Magic Moments

There are countless little tiny moments and details that stick in your head long after tours and gigs have finished. The way a plec was flicked, a piece of crowd banter, the lights. They can range from sublime to awful with ridiculous somewhere in between. A few of my TD in-gig ones:

  • Justin dropping the mike in Paris.
  • A view of bum via the purple devil-tailed catsuit.
  • The nasty man in the crowd accusing TD of selling out during the first play of Christmas Time.
  • The feel of a front row bouncing in unison.
  • Running high fives.
  • Acoustic SLAGI, in blue light.
  • Handstands.
  • Dan’s armwaving during Holding My Own.
  • Feeling another breastbone barrier height bruise forming on top of the last one.

What little things stood out for you?

TD Tour – Liverpool Venue Change

From :

the roof of the O2 Academy has, apparently, collapsed.
so a quick venue change was in order, so as not to lose the Liverpool show altogether.

the gig will now happen at the LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY, MOUNTFORD HALL. up on Mount Pleasant.

tickets still valid, of course.. and nothing else has changed. just this venue for this show.

Please spread the word, Scouse Darklings (and Darklings from surrounding areas, of course).

Looks like more tickets are available, so get on down there!


The Darkness 100 Club – Photos

And the winner is…

After much deliberation/indecision/general behaving like a headless chicken, the difficult decision was made last night. Secret Squirrel instructions were issued – these have now been confirmed as received, rearm, understood and eaten.

I wish I had tickets for you all ☹  but alas, the place would burst at the seams. Again, thanks for all the entries and to TDHQ.

Congratulations to OLI.


Win 100 Club Tickets with OI

With many thanks to the ace TD HQ, OI is pleased (bloody ecstatic more like) to be able to give away a pair of tickets to the 100 Club gig in London on Monday 10th October. This intimate little warm up Bonanza sold out within minutes, so if you didn’t get one this is another chance – unless you pay shitloads to those ‘lovely’ people selling tickets at ridiculous moneygrubbing prices on eBay. Please note that the prize is for ONE WINNER plus 1 guest.
All you have to do is plunder the heights/depths of your wit and/or intelligence to caption the amazingly cool photo in the ‘Reply’ space below. The deadline is 9 pm Thursday 6th October.
The winner will receive special Secret Squirrel instructions from TD HQ about how to claim the prize, and the result will be announced on here.
This IS a bona fide competition, or I wouldn’t have the nerve to post this everywhere, now would I?
Happy thinking.
(OI reserves the right to remove any offensive comments/entries and the decision is final. If there are any questions please email )
All thanks to The Darkness HQ.


A very “intimate” London show as a limbering-up exercise before heading off to Tokyo. 

the legendary 100 CLUB, Oxford Street.
No lightshow, no explosions, no flying tigers.
Just us + you + a confined space… with only our music songs to pummel you with.

tickets go on sale FRIDAY 30th SEPT at 9am!!
from : HERE
Obviously there are not many at all, so speed will be of the essence.


Taken from


Godspeed You! Black Emperor – UEA Norwich 23.7.11

Saturday night, and I’m off to see this Canadian ‘post-rock’ band at one of the fine local establishments.  This is not a band I’m at all familiar with, so I went with open mind and no bias, an innocent. All I knew was the name – from that I had a vague expectation of loudness and rockiness.

The venue itself is not particularly full, though a reasonable crowd is present. But…  hang on. I’m not adverse to beards, really, they can look quite striking on the right person if kept nicely. I’m not, however, prepared to be in a large room where 90% of the men have them. Proper ones, none of yer bum fluff poor effort. Most girls are of the hippy dress persuasion. Uh-oh. This does not really bode well, I’m thinking.

The band starts at 9, which is rather early. We amuse ourselves by looking at the long loops of real film tape hanging up by the sound desk – looks like a complete nightmare to me. It is at that point that dearly beloved turns to me and says ‘You’re probably not going to like this lot. You’ll probably be bored.’ Talk about warning in advance!

So on they come. A violin, a double bass, guitars, drums, etc – but they’re mostly sitting down. ‘Where’s the singer’s mike?’ ‘Umm… you might be disappointed if you wait for a singer’ is the reply. K. So, the general clientele, the warning, lack of vocals, and sitting down do not point me to a night of rocking loveliness. Or even a night of musical enlightenment and inspiration, à la Tindersticks. There’s no warning when they start, just an oddly not very co-ordinated launch into the first ‘event’.

‘Event’ is the right kind of word, I think. Each piece of music is finely crafted, carefully considered, beautifully played. Beautifully. It’s too loud, though. I’m advised that a lot of the effect of their music relies on contrasts between pitch, tone and tempo, and that it didn’t come across. Sound was bouncing of the walls near me, distorting and vibrating, which obviously doesn’t help. Even so, it is repetitive and I find myself waiting for crescendos that are promised that never come. At 14 minutes (I timed one) per event, I expect a climax of some sort to happen!

The crowd loved it. Cheers after each piece, cheers at the beginning of  favourites. Not sure how they were distinguished from each other, but I supposed that’s something any non-fan will say about a band they know nothing of.

We left after an hour and a half, by which time beloved had also heard enough.  Prog-hippy-orchestral-electrofolk is clearly not my thing. Still, I’m glad I know that now.

Further info on their site. 

The Darkness UK/Ireland Tour Dates Winter 2011

Taken from the official site .

8 November     LIVERPOOL, O2 Academy             0844 477 2000
9 November     EDINBURGH, HMV Picture House         0844 847 1740
10 November    GLASGOW, O2 Academy             08444 999 990
12 November    NEWCASTLE, O2 Academy             0844 477 2000
13 November    MANCHESTER, Academy             0161 832 1111
14 November    BRISTOL, O2 Academy             0844 477 2000
16 November    BRIGHTON, Dome                0844 477 2000
17 November    SOUTHAMPTON, Guildhall             023 8063 2601
18 November    BIRMINGHAM, O2 Academy         0844 477 2000
20 November    CAMBRIDGE, Corn Exchange         01223 357 851
21 November     SHEFFIELD, O2 Academy             0844 477 2000
22 November    NOTTINGHAM, Rock City             0845 413 4444
24 November    NORWICH, UEA                 01603 508 050
25 November    LONDON, HMV Hammersmith Apollo    0844 844 4748

3 December    CORK Savoy
4 December    DUBLIN Olympia
5 December    BELFAST Ulster Hall

Buy online at and other ticket agencies from FRIDAY 17th JUNE at 9am!


Live Nation Give In

Following complaints and concerns that Download ticket holders  (who would be seeing TD anyway)  would be the only ones to purchase the warm up gig tickets for Leamington Spa and London, Live Nation have put those tickets on general release NOW. TD have posted on Facebook to say they agreed with the fans’ concerns and sorted it out with Live Nation. Good on yer.

Hurry. Norwich has already sold out.

:Edit: I’m sure those weren’t the only concerns, or the only reasons TD contacted Live Nation – but it was said, whether it’s agreed with or not.

Warming up and moving out on the road

The Darkness are playing three warmup gigs prior to their Download appearance on 10th June.

Live Nation announced earlier today that advance tickets go on sale tomorrow – Friday 13th May -for the following gigs. To qualify to buy, you will need a code that will have been emailed to you, and seems to be for Download ticket holders. General sale will be 5 days later and links go to Ticketmaster.

ON GENERAL SALE NOW!!! For the London gig, the best link is direct to venue –

Monday 6th June – The Assembly, Leamington Spa

Wednesday 8th June – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

Also announced by the  UEA ticket office:

Sunday 5th June – Waterfront, Norwich

That gig goes on sale Friday 13th May at 9am but there don’t seem to be any advance buying criteria. THIS IS NOW SOLD OUT

So. Festivals are lovely and TD will get huge exposure  – what we all want for them. There’s nothing nicer though than a venue gig – packed, sweaty, hot and bouncy. The angst of waiting to get tickets, the travel planning, who to go with, timings, money, work getting in the way.. it’s all starting here and now. Already has, here. I’m plotting and planning, not knowing if I’ll even manage to get a ticket!

I will be there. It might cost blood sweat and tears (though they might not be mine) and there could be hell and high water. It’ll be like coming home.

Not quite 30 years of hurt – only 5, and my god, there was hurt – but The Darkness and the Darklings are coming HOME.