Simple Plan – MTV Hard Rock Live – Album review

by Emma

October 3rd was the release date for this live album from the Simple Plan boys.

Opening with much loved pop-rock anthem Shut Up, Simple Plan are quite clearly rocking the hell out of the Orlando Hard Rock Café! The sound quality is very good and this is the perfect opportunity for the boys to prove their worth and capability of delivering a high standard of live performance and knock the doubters out of the way!

Yeah, the tracks are mostly quite light-hearted and easy, but this is their sound and it has a fun bouncy quality that makes it enjoyable to listen to. Simple Plan have a good rapport going with the crowd, and highlights include the catchy Addicted, God Must Hate Me, and Thank You.

A very good live album sure to be on many Christmas lists!

Simple Plan – Untitled

by Emma

I have a certain amount of respect for Simple Plan and their mild brand of pop/punk rock. It so far has proved to be a recipe for success for the boys, however with the single Untitled, they have decided to see how a ballad will go down with the public ear.

The result is a good track – not great, but I can see exactly where the appeal lies. The younger female fans will love it, however it is bit too bleak for moi! Having said that the piano backing is beautiful and lifts the song. Give me back the mischievous leaping-around-while-playing-guitar Simple Plan!

Simple Plan – Welcome To My Life – Single Review

by Emma

Welcome To My Life is due for release on 20th June on Lava/Atlantic Records, and is taken from Simple Plan’s successful second album Still Not Getting Any (released February 2005).

Simple Plan are a delightful pop rock band for which they suffer criticism, however I think that they have a great sound and outlook and provide us with sing-along anthems for they enjoyments of people of all age groups and musical preferences. The boys’ proved themselves a worthy talent during their sell out mini-tour of the UK earlier this year and have earned support slots with rock veterans Greenday this month. Not well known is the fact that Simple Plan have co-written with Motley Crue.

Welcome To My Life is another fabulous tune which I bet everyone knows the word to already following regular play on the Kerrang music television channel and radio. Let’s give Simple Plan the recognition and support they deserve.