Bloodhound Gang – Hefty Fine – Album Review

by Emma

Funny from the very first line, Bloodhound gang effervesce right through the album Hefty Fine.

The album opens with a fantastically grinding bass line and tongue in cheek lines galore. This is an exceptionally good collection of songs with a couple of skits thrown in for good measure. From the excellent and powerful Balls Out and Ralph Wiggum to the softer and smooth tones of Farting With A Walkman On, Bloodhound Gang do not fail to please. Back to the familiar sound is Pennsylvania, a clever song with really nice vocals and clear loud drums.

Jokes and rudeness aside, this album is technically very good and provides forty-odd minutes of excellent music. Hefty Fine is out now, so go buy it…then hide it where your mum/kids/gran/sister won’t find it (delete as appropriate)!

Bloodhound Gang – F,U,C,K – Single Review

by Emma

The boys are back in town and it’s time to cover the kids’ ears! Bloodhound Gang never hold back and will say exactly what they want, and that’s why we like them.

Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo is a good catchy tune with lyrics to make you laugh and they are perfectly delivered and supported by a damn good tune! This is quite tame for Bloodhound Gang and is an excellent new single which will project them back into the ranks. Hurrah!