About OI

Welcome  to the home of The Darkness’ fanzine. Started back in 2004 by SixSister, named after a Justin quote (Astoria DVD)  with the (obviously) very collectable paper copies, it’s been web-based since 2005 and despite a few hiccups along the way, it’s still here. What you read here is 99% (ish) written exclusively by or for OI, so it’s as original as possible. There are new Darkness adventures to be had, new things to write about!

Though SixSister’s underlying purpose was always to bring Darkness to the masses, they DID like other music, and wrote about whatever they liked. Have a browse through the archives and check out  previous features on bands such as Aerosmith, Muse, Funeral For A Friend, The Glitterati, Queen and of course The Darkness – the band that started all this off.  Stone Gods and Hot Leg’s doings are here, with reviews of  Frankie’s book and Ed’s Karaoke For Beginners.

The Darkness are back. Optimum Impact revives. May the Dark force be with us all.



Disclaimer: Please be aware that OI does not necessarily agree with the views and/or comments made in guest reviews.