Permission To Land – 10th Anniversary

On 7th July 2003, an album was released by a band who rocked the foundations of British music to the core. Shock waves were felt the world over. The Darkness had been storming venues for some months, and with the release of Permission to Land and some of the coolest videos you’ll ever see, they put everyone in a spin. Everything became A-OK.

To celebrate and commemorate the most explosive musical moment in millions of lives, OI has collected messages, musings and interviews with people who can say honestly that their lives have been changed by The Darkness – by fandom, friendship or being able to work with them.  They have plenty to say about the era and  Permission to Land itself:

DR BRIAN MAY – Brian was snowed under with work and couldn’t take part in this, but sent his most excellent wishes and this message:

Congratulations to The Darkness on this Anniversary!

Couldn’t put it better myself. Here’s a list of all the contributors, in alphabetical order…

Tere and Roy Thomas Baker – Rock Legends

Marcelle Wade Barton – Australia

Trina Bedden – Wales

Benny Boyle – Scandinavia

The Darkness Argentina – South America’s fansite

The Darkness Italia – European fansite

Pedro Ferreira – Producer of Permission to Land

Karl Eisenhauer and Dave Ashworth – Darklings for longer than 10 years, and thoroughly good chaps

Foxy Shazam  – Brilliant band known as stupendous support act

Free Energy  – American tour support band

Heavens Basement – Support and  great British rock band

Ian Johnsen – Must Destroy

Tatyana Kunda – Eastern Europe

Thom Lessner – Animator and member of support band Sweatheart

Toby Macfarlaine – Friend, colleague and good egg

Rebecca Martin– America

Max Raptor – Comeback support band

Ben and Hedda Borslid Morrish

Colin Murray – Radio 1 DJ and Darkness champion

Georgia Nagy – UK

Scarlet Page – Photographer extraordinaire

Steel Panther – Rock band of epic proportions

Nicolai Prowse – Do Me Bad Things – Support band, 2004

Rob Shaw – Webmaster of Rock

The Webb Brothers – Early days support band

Dave Winkler – Renegade Playboys –  Early days support band

and finally – Emily Strange – Optimum Impact, fanzine. This one.


There were so many people I wanted to include in this, but it just wasn’t possible in this time/distance continuum.  I tried to include lots of different people, fans from around the world, and purposely not always people I knew already. Everyone who replied has been fantastic and I can’t thank you enough. I never expected the brilliant response  – I can tell you that I’ve had tummy flips, seeing some of the names arriving in my inbox! There was one person whom I just couldn’t connect with, so only one big disappointment, more than alleviated by the rest. I’ve made  many new friends, and you’ve made all the work very much worth it.

Most of all, thank you to The Darkness, without whom there would be no reason to celebrate.

Besides, it’s my birthday too. Double whammy.

As well as to The Darkness, this project is dedicated to the memories of Trefor ‘Tommy’ Thomas, who always played The Darkness just for me, and Sophie Lancaster for being herself. RIP. 

Credits: All those who contributed. Laurie Whitecloud for being stupendous. Rebecca Martin for above and beyond. Colleagues, family and friends for putting up with it all.

Please note I’m not responsible for memories going awry after ten years, should you spot inaccuracies.   

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