Five O’Clock Heroes – Bend To The Breaks – Album

by Emma

Bend To The Breaks

The packaging for this CD is clever and has amused me before I even touch the CD inside. Bend To The Breaks will be released through Glaze Records on 18th September, just a week after the LPs firs single is released. The thing that Five O’Clock Heroes have that really appeals to me is their no-nonsense open quality. You can tell that they are not trying too hard to fit in to the scene and the music they produce quite clearly comes very naturally to them and has a smooth flow.

Head Games opens the LP and is a cool and collected track which nicely introcuces you to the feel of the band and the album. The song is a head nodding jolly tune, as are almost all of the other tracks. The roll of a tongue on Anybody Home and the catchy riff of single Time On My Hands carry you through the album happily and triumphantly like a metal kid crowdsurfing across a packed crowd. There is the odd slower song such as Number Again, although there is no compromise on the quirky vocal style meaning that the tracks are by no means ballad-like. These are complimented by the finger-clicking tracks you also have such as Skin Deep and Corporate Boys (which is one of my own favorites from the album).

Credit where credit is due – these guys are great to listen to and i think this album can grow on anyone, although for me it was an instant appreciation.

Five O’Clock Heroes – White Girls – Single Review

by Emma

White Girls is the disco-tastic single from Five O’Clock Heroes, released on 31st October.
White Girls is a funky disco melody with snappy vocals and an easy-going jangly riff. It seems to almost belong to a different time, but is nevertheless a good old dance tune worthy of an ass-shake or three! B track Skin Deep is a more up to date track – kooky, light hearted and catchy.