Juliette and The Licks single review

by Emma

Sticky Honey

I just don’t really get Juliette and The Licks. Sticky Honey however, is actually pretty damned good! This is the latest single to be released on 20th November and is the first track of this band’s that I actually like.

Sticky Honey has a good catchy riff, lurching guitar and smooth vocals and it generally has a good vibe to it making it one to have a little dance to. The track is full of rock attitude and the chorus sticks in the mind, in a good way! The slick and cool verses just make that build up even better. I may even be converted!

Juliette and The Licks album review

by Emma

Four On The Floor

Four On The Floor is the second album from Juliette and The Licks and is released on 2nd October 2006. With the aid of rock’s favourite all-rounder Dave Grohl on drums there are high hopes for the ten-track album.

Smash And Grab is busy. There’s a whole lot going on with this track and although I am all for shouty loud tracks, this one just doesn’t do it for me and the high pitched howls of Lewis grate slightly. Hot Kiss is better and has more of a melody to it along with rock n’ roll style verses and rough vocals. Sticky Honey better still with it’s focused vocals, clever lyrics and hot riffs. Next up is Killer and this one is quick in pace and aggressive, whilst it carries a decent tune it just doesn’t click with me. Death Of A Whore is lyrically good but the speak-sing style doesn’t really work and the backing music isn’t exciting enough to carry it.

Purgatory Blues resuscitates the album back into life with a strong bass and serious vocals and well-penned lyrics. Lewis sounds so much better when she sings honestly and avoids the aggressive screams and in-character odd vocals. Get Up opens like The Who with quivering notes and develops into a good, straightforward tune. The vocals are good for the main part of this track but she veers off slightly from time to time. Next is Mindful Of Daggers, which again is a good tune keeping up to the standard of the last couple of tracks. It’s quick paced, exciting without being over the top and has some neat little riffs in there. Bullshit King isn’t as catchy but is okay nevertheless. It’s a fast rocking tune with nice guitar solo sections. Inside The Cage starts with whispered vocals and a quiet backing, but it turns into one of those deep voiced odd ones, so not one of my favorites.

The majority of the tracks on Four On The Floor are really good and it is worth getting hold of a copy for these ones but I would definitely say that the more true-to-self tracks are by far the best here.