Humanzi – Long Time Coming (single)

by Emma

Long Time Coming, released on 13th February, is the first ever full scale release from Irish rockers Humanzi.

Humanzi have sparked a whole new wave of excitement with their electric and bold style that screams with a fiery aggression rarely seen from Irish bands. Long Time Coming is no exception to the rule and is a fast-moving raucous song with a firm and fearless dose of twangy guitar, quick bass and often-ignored keyboard.

Watch out for more from this band – their debut album is expected around May and might just ignite a new movement.

Humanzi – Fix The Cracks – Single Review

by Emma

Humanzi’s next single, double-A sider Fix The Cracks/Get Your Shit Together is released 7th November, and is an eye-opener!

Think Alamos … if you like them you will probably like Humanzi’s sharp vocals and dance-meets-rock sound. Of the two tracks I prefer Get Your Shit Together, it’s a much easier listen.