Karaoke For Beginners – 8.8.09

giginthepark, Halesworth, Suffolk

Back in the Park again. Another hot sunny afternoon, and I love this event. It rocks! A little shopping in the town yields a pair of gold lamé lined purple velvet knee boots, and meeting the rudest second hand bookshop employee you’ll ever come across. DON’T go in there.

Ahem. Anyway… although I come every year, when I can, this year I came to see this band. Ed Graham back on stage after illness and his departure from Stone Gods is not something to be missed if you can get there. Sadly missed the first ever gig, but very pleased to make this one. MySpace provided plenty of idea of what to expect.

It was, in the way of GITP, a very short set, but there was plenty I liked. This is  rather more my bag of stuff than most.  Fields of the Nephilim versus The Cramps,  a dash or three of humour and a bloody good rocking dark sound. Ben’s voice gives Carl’s a good drubbing.  Tbh, this ain’t a band who are going to be seen at their best at 5.45 on a sunny afternoon, in full daylight. They need dark places. And dry ice, though there was a puff of smoke that surprised everyone (FOTN in mind, a bag of flour was also called for, but that’s just my 80’s goff thing and not a dig).  They also need a crowd! They’re a getdown/get sweaty and dirty in the pit sort of band, and THAT, I like.

It can’t have  been their best gig, and too short. I want to see them again, indoors, in a place where sweat runs down the walls and the crowd are UP. Natural habitat.

Ed fans – He’s looking well and drumming like a good ‘un.


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GiginthePark 2006

by Jo

5th August

I’m there for the Saturday of this weekend extravaganza. Today’s running order..

Rowan and the Crops Failed
The Kites
Beamer – (who pulled out)
vinyl Wave
Urban Voodoo Machine
The Pirates
Suzi Quatro

I got there at about 4.30, which should have been in plenty of time to see crushdeluxe at 5.. someone moved them! I could hear them when I got out of the car and had to make a run for it. Still, didn’t miss too much. Had a good bop to all our old faves in the glorious sunshine.. must remember sunblock before I dance, really. Ow. Now there’s something new.. Ian, topless! Got pictures of that… Storming energetic set as always, much enjoyed. You should really be on later, guys.

There was a bit of a musical interlude on a tiny sidestage.. 3 members of Scott Moods gave a short set before their full one on the Sunday. 1st electric violin of the day.

Vinyl Wave on the main stage.. Folky influence here, with some very nice melodies. I had just noted ‘haunting and melodic’ when it all got lively! They outdid everyone with 2 violins and a cello!

Skankt – the sort of heavy beat and brass section you expect from skankers, with changes of tempo. It wasn’t as fast as some I’ve heard, but they did wake the crowd up again.

Urban Voodoo Machine – Now that’s what I call a festival band. All in black with red shirts, the odd hat, and a fetching leopardskin guitarstrap. Stomping, crowd jumping stuff, putting a grin on faces and grass stains on dancing shoes. More in tune with skank and blues than anything previous. A violin, but also a washboard AND a gong, so they got the prize.. 2 drummers for the main part, joined by another for the last couple of songs. They were standing up giving their all, jumping around, just like everyone else on stage. Cor. Energy for the masses.

After that, it was just a shame that The Pirates let the hi-energy bubble float away. It was in all honesty, just dull, and they would have been better on the Sunday with an older crowd who would have appreciated them more. There was nothing wrong musically, but to be quite honest, I didn’t want to hear a band whose claim to fame was supporting a popstar who died 40 years ago. And milked it on stage. Wrong venue.

Well, only Suzi could drag it back up.. She did, entertaining with flawless ease, bluesy rock and ballsy attitude. You get what you see with Miss Quatro, one feels, and she tells you all about it. Yeah, a wild child, who has grown up, but not out of it. I’m only familiar with ‘Devil Gate Drive’ and ‘Can the Can’ from my youth, but it all seemed to go down pretty well. There was some new stuff from the forthcoming album. Do you know what was missing, though? The ground, shaking from the dancing.

It ended late, and I drove home through foggy bits, and behind someone who thought
it was funny to drive at 35 mph through a 60 limit.

Oh.. next year, can someone make sure that there’s a chip van? Cheers.