Magic Moments

There are countless little tiny moments and details that stick in your head long after tours and gigs have finished. The way a plec was flicked, a piece of crowd banter, the lights. They can range from sublime to awful with ridiculous somewhere in between. A few of my TD in-gig ones:

  • Justin dropping the mike in Paris.
  • A view of bum via the purple devil-tailed catsuit.
  • The nasty man in the crowd accusing TD of selling out during the first play of Christmas Time.
  • The feel of a front row bouncing in unison.
  • Running high fives.
  • Acoustic SLAGI, in blue light.
  • Handstands.
  • Dan’s armwaving during Holding My Own.
  • Feeling another breastbone barrier height bruise forming on top of the last one.

What little things stood out for you?

3 thoughts on “Magic Moments

  1. I love the Hawkins high fives, Dan’s arm waving from the side of the stage during Holding My Own, and having bagpipers on stage at T in the Park 😀

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