Live Nation Give In

Following complaints and concerns that Download ticket holders  (who would be seeing TD anyway)  would be the only ones to purchase the warm up gig tickets for Leamington Spa and London, Live Nation have put those tickets on general release NOW. TD have posted on Facebook to say they agreed with the fans’ concerns and sorted it out with Live Nation. Good on yer.

Hurry. Norwich has already sold out.

:Edit: I’m sure those weren’t the only concerns, or the only reasons TD contacted Live Nation – but it was said, whether it’s agreed with or not.

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  1. Correction: Livenation were always going to put the tickets on general sale.

    It appears they just had a block reserved for Donington ticket holders to give away first.

    Given that a lot of people had spent a lot of money to be at the first comeback show, believing it to be Download. It seems only far that they should get first refusal.

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