Darkball Crazy

For the fourth time, I’m off to see Celebrity Soccer Six, because The Darkness are playing. Twice I’ve seen Justin play, this will be twice for the whole kit and caboodle. Memories of Goodison Park, 7 years ago, when the first ever article for OI was written. That was a great day. Darklings as far as the eye could see, a special Darkling hymn book written for the occasion, and a victory for our flame shirted heroes. Dan did scuff a horrendous penalty in the shoot out competition, but you can’t have everything. So, will victory be theirs again? The tournament has changed quite a lot since 2004. The teams take it more seriously (being mostly lads) and glamour is much more in evidence. Ladies, playing in false lashes and full slap isn’t cool. Making an effort and not squealing every time the ball comes near you will help, honest.
I’m on the train now, wondering how it will all go. Will Frankie and Ed make it out onto the pitch this time? Actually playing might be a step too far.. 😉 WIll the kit be like the last one? Who else is on the team? Will Lovesports have organised the press passes any better? For the third time running I’m going without any idea whether I’ll get one or not, because they don’t seem to reply to emails. I’m sure the staff at Charlton will be lots less snooty than some at Chelsea were, but that wouldn’t be too tricky…
Updates will follow. Lots of train changes to do.

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