Motörhead – Win Live DVD and CDs

Motörhead, noisemakers extraordinaire, are releasing a second live extravaganza on DVD and 2 CDs on 24th September.  The Wörld is Ours Vol 2 – Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else was recorded in 2011 at Sonisphere (July), the headline appearance at Wacken Festival (August) and Rock in Rio (September).

If you want to get your rock mitts on this little package of mayhem, just answer the following questions.

1. Who designed the iconic Motörhead logo?

2. What is a motörhead? (Oh come on. That one you can do in your sleep.)

3. Hawkwind released ‘Motörhead’ as an A-side single. What was the B-side?

Easy as headbanging, innit. Send your answers to, pm OI’s Facebook page, or DM me on Twitter. Lovely. Ready for a bit of the hard stuff?

Anyone wanting to also experience this in a more physical way can get dirty in person on the European tour in November and December.


Entries are restricted to the UK, and my decisions are final, etc.


Hot Cakes – The Darkness reveal size of bun(dle)s in oven


Presales of The Darkness’ new album have been available for a few days now, but  fan bundle news has been released today. If they don’t appeal (and why not??) then there are lots of other places to buy – I ‘borrowed’ the links below from TD’s site.






and some others :

CD Deluxe:



Darkcomp #3




I wasn’t expecting to do another one so soon, but Laurie Whitecloud donated this prize so it would be churlish not to let someone have it!

To win this signed T (black, size large, US tour dates on back (1st visit) ) all you need to do is use the upload form above to submit photos of your Darkness related tattoos, or design a new  one! Open to the whole wide world.


Entries will be judged on Friday 15th June, after the Sweden/England game. Good luck!   

Hot Cakes – The Darkness publish album tracklist

Hot Cakes is out on 20th August, so get your budget sorted.

The track list is confirmed as:

‘Every Inch of You’
‘Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us’
‘With A Woman’
‘Keep Me Hangin’ On’
‘Living Every Day Blind’
‘Everybody Have A Good Time’
‘She Just A Girl Eddie’
‘Forbidden Love’
‘Street Spirit’
‘Love Is Not The Answer’


‘With a Woman’ was confirmed in Kerrang! today as being the next single, out on 30th July.

Competition Time

A few weeks ago, deep in the USA tour, a kind Miss Laurie Darkling undertook to get a copy of High Voltage mag featuring The Darkness signed, specially for an OI comp prize. Lo, here it is – after transit, checking that it was ok to run the comp, and a rather inconvenient and lengthy dose of that Real Life stuff.

Laurie asked them to do it for OI  (Dan’s actually signed it to me!), so it’s not something that I just picked up – it was all planned with you lot in mind. Some of you, at any rate. Shoot me if you want, but I decided that American and Australian Darklings were having their tours this year, and would get a chance to see and chat to the lads. So, UK and Europe people, this one’s for you. There is the Lady Gaga tour and festivals for us, but not a headlining tour (that we know about, not for months at any rate).

Here’s a photo – this issue was given out free during the last US tour.  Check out to subscribe and join their mailing list (they have a new issue out now) I know they ship outside the US as I have my own (unsigned) copy 🙂 .

This is only a little thing, but it’s genuine and a fairly rare piece of tour memorabilia.

High Voltage

The Darkness issue

The winner will be whoever comes up with the best idea for the competition to win it. UK and Europe only, please! Answer by comment below. ♥  Deadline date is… I’ll give you 10 days, so 9pm GMT on May 14th. GO!



Gaga for The Darkness

Quite right, too.

Capital FM have this morning broken news that The Darkness will be supporting Lady Gaga on the UK and European legs of her world tour. Tweets have flown, with both Justin and TD retweeting the link, though uberofficial confirmation still to come. This from their site:

 ‘Marry The Night’ star confirms details of gigs in London and Manchester as part of European dates. Lady Gaga has announced two UK dates as part of her ‘Born This Way Ball’ world tour.

The gigs, at London’s Twickenham Stadium on 8th September and Manchester Arena on 11th September, will mark the ‘Marry The Night’ star’s biggest ever shows in Britain. They form part of the European leg of the ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour, which kicks off in Bulgaria on 14th August and includes a show at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium on 15th September. The European dates are currently set to conclude in Barcelona, Spain on 6th October.

Support at all of the European shows, including those in the UK, will come from The Darkness and Lady Starlight.

Ticket prices will range from £50-£80 for London and £60-£80 for Manchester.

Gigwise state that tickets for the two UK dates will be on sale on Friday 13th April, though if I were you I’d check out ticket sites for presale dates.

Lady Gaga tweeted these tour dates:


TD Tour – Liverpool Venue Change

From :

the roof of the O2 Academy has, apparently, collapsed.
so a quick venue change was in order, so as not to lose the Liverpool show altogether.

the gig will now happen at the LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY, MOUNTFORD HALL. up on Mount Pleasant.

tickets still valid, of course.. and nothing else has changed. just this venue for this show.

Please spread the word, Scouse Darklings (and Darklings from surrounding areas, of course).

Looks like more tickets are available, so get on down there!


And the winner is…

After much deliberation/indecision/general behaving like a headless chicken, the difficult decision was made last night. Secret Squirrel instructions were issued – these have now been confirmed as received, rearm, understood and eaten.

I wish I had tickets for you all ☹  but alas, the place would burst at the seams. Again, thanks for all the entries and to TDHQ.

Congratulations to OLI.


Win 100 Club Tickets with OI

With many thanks to the ace TD HQ, OI is pleased (bloody ecstatic more like) to be able to give away a pair of tickets to the 100 Club gig in London on Monday 10th October. This intimate little warm up Bonanza sold out within minutes, so if you didn’t get one this is another chance – unless you pay shitloads to those ‘lovely’ people selling tickets at ridiculous moneygrubbing prices on eBay. Please note that the prize is for ONE WINNER plus 1 guest.
All you have to do is plunder the heights/depths of your wit and/or intelligence to caption the amazingly cool photo in the ‘Reply’ space below. The deadline is 9 pm Thursday 6th October.
The winner will receive special Secret Squirrel instructions from TD HQ about how to claim the prize, and the result will be announced on here.
This IS a bona fide competition, or I wouldn’t have the nerve to post this everywhere, now would I?
Happy thinking.
(OI reserves the right to remove any offensive comments/entries and the decision is final. If there are any questions please email )
All thanks to The Darkness HQ.

The Darkness – 2011

The official website has a holding page – As Promised. The mailing list is up and running. The Facebook page is adding likes by the minute.


All those months and years spent wondering- and lately, waiting – are nearly over. Rumours have been floating about for a very long time, and dismissed… but it’s true. There will be a Second Coming of the Saviours of Rock.

There have been mighty fine compensations. Stone Gods and Hot Leg have filled the gaps in bloody GREAT style. Stone Gods’ second album is still eagerly awaited and very much wanted.

But… but… there ain’t NOTHING like walking in the valley of Darkness.

Welcome back.