Competition Time

A few weeks ago, deep in the USA tour, a kind Miss Laurie Darkling undertook to get a copy of High Voltage mag featuring The Darkness signed, specially for an OI comp prize. Lo, here it is – after transit, checking that it was ok to run the comp, and a rather inconvenient and lengthy dose of that Real Life stuff.

Laurie asked them to do it for OI  (Dan’s actually signed it to me!), so it’s not something that I just picked up – it was all planned with you lot in mind. Some of you, at any rate. Shoot me if you want, but I decided that American and Australian Darklings were having their tours this year, and would get a chance to see and chat to the lads. So, UK and Europe people, this one’s for you. There is the Lady Gaga tour and festivals for us, but not a headlining tour (that we know about, not for months at any rate).

Here’s a photo – this issue was given out free during the last US tour.  Check out to subscribe and join their mailing list (they have a new issue out now) I know they ship outside the US as I have my own (unsigned) copy 🙂 .

This is only a little thing, but it’s genuine and a fairly rare piece of tour memorabilia.

High Voltage

The Darkness issue

The winner will be whoever comes up with the best idea for the competition to win it. UK and Europe only, please! Answer by comment below. ♥  Deadline date is… I’ll give you 10 days, so 9pm GMT on May 14th. GO!



6 thoughts on “Competition Time

  1. AAAAAAAND…this lil piece of magazine went to the Phoenix, Hollywood and San Francisco shows 🙂 Got Ed, Frankie and Justin’s signatures in Vegas, and Dan’s in San Francisco.

  2. Here’s my idea for the competition…

    Get together with two of your friends. All stand equidistant from each other, facing inwards towards each other. Place a biscuit in the middle, on the floor. All pee on the biscuit simultaneously. The last one to finish has to eat the biscuit, but wins the signed magazine!

    If my previous experience of OI competitions is anything to go by, this is a dead cert!

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