State Rock Side – or something..

by Laurie – Guest review

100.7 FM Jack Radio Fest
Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA
August 19, 2007

REO Speedwagon
The Stray Cats
The Pretenders
ZZ Top

Due to a misprint on the concert tickets about the starting time of said concert, your author MISSED REO Speedwagon (that’s okay, saw them in the 80’s!) and The Stray Cats (NOT OKAY, since I have never seen this fine rockabilly trio play live!).

So once I get done pouting, “Space Invader” is played and The Pretenders have taken the stage.

Wow, Chrissie Hynde looks really good. She’s in great shape wearing a black vest, blue jeans tucked into knee-high cowboy boots, her signature black eyeliner and of course she’s still got that punk take-no-prisoners attitude that makes her one of the coolest women in rock.

Her voice is still in fine form, too, and the band is incredibly tight as they reel through their list of hits. There was a new song about the state of pop music today, and the line I remember the most is when Chrissie sneers, “She’ll buy some new tits” in order to be a pop star. I vow to check that song out ASAP!

I don’t have a complete set list, but the band played “The Wait”, “Talk of The Town”, “Message of Love”, “Bad Boys Get Spanked”, “My City Was Gone”, “Back on The Chain Gang”, “Mystery Achievement” and the last one was “Brass In Pocket”, which Chrissie dedicated to the animal rights activists and vegetarians in the audience (“All four of you!” she joked). A fine set by a fine band, methinks. I’ve always liked The Pretenders and they have never let me down in concert.

No time for an encore, as the lights came on and the roadies set up for the closer, ZZ Top. Last time I saw them was back in the 80’s at the San Diego Sports Arena on the Eliminator tour, I fink. There are times when one tends to think of this band as belonging in the past, well I’m here to tell ya, Mister & Missus, that they can still kick any of today’s rock bands to the curb.

Long beards? Check. Hats? Check. Black shades? Check. Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill are the epitome of cool as they hit the stage, and Frank Beard provides us some solid drum poundage as they rip into “Got Me Under Pressure”, and the booze-soaked, blues-tinged rock does not stop. I realize that Billy Gibbons is one of the greatest rawk guitarists to walk among us, and he paid homage to their friend Jimi Hendrix through a blistering cover of “Foxey Lady”, which I caught on video. ?

Again, no setlist as I was too busy rawking, dancing and singing along to write anything down. Well, who takes pen and paper to a gig anyway? fabby crab sticks!Dusty’s introduction for “Pearl Necklace” was, “Women…jewelry…women…jewelry!” – fabby crab sticks! Other songs that are remembered are “Jesus Just Left Chicago”, “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide”, “Cheap Sunglasses”, “Waitin’ For The Bus”, “Tube Snake Boogie” (and the audience got to shout out, “I got a gal who lives on the hill, she won’t do it but her sister will! – fabby crab sticks!) “Rough Boy”, “Gimme All Your Lovin’”, “Legs” (where both Dusty and Billy broke out the fuzzy guitars from the video and did the funky chicken dance moves!), “Sharp Dressed Man”, “La Grange” and “Tush”.

During “Tush”, the video screens flashed pics of ZZ Top from throughout their illustrous career, and that was nice to see. That was the last song, and we were left with ringing ears and just barely enough money to buy a “ZZ-Top – Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” t-shirt at the vendor booth.

Thanks Billy, Dusty & Frank. That Little Ole Band From Texas kicked my ass and I liked it! fabby crab sticks! I’ll be back for more on another tour!