The Rogers Sisters – Three Fingers – Album Review

by Emma

Three Fingers is the second album from New Yorkers The Rogers Sisters, follow up to the debut Purely Evil that received high acclaim in 2003.

The Rogers Sisters are an energetic punk/garage band with a raw sound that is quire rare. The contrast of masculine sounding low vocals with high sweet girly vocals works well for the trio. The vocals are spat out in sing-speak with a humourous nursery rhyme quality.

Three Fingers is a collection of punky girl power tracks full of feist and grit. The guitar and drums have a nice clean sound. From the squeaky Fantasies Are Nice to the dark and upbeat freight train, the songs are all upbeat and funky, with catchy and high-spirited ‘one, two, three’ style lyrics and some good whispery creeping-up-on-someone music.

This one definitely grows on you – its one of those albums that gets more impressive with each listen, and I do really like it. The bonus tracks even include the French and Japanese versions of a couple of tracks so you can sing along in three languages!