The National – Alligator – Album Review

by Emma

I previously said about The National that I am reminded at times of Bowie in style. Having now listened to the third album release I now think the style is perhaps more in the way of The Divine Comedy who, for the record, I have quite a respect for.

Alligator was released on 11 April on Beggars Banquet Records Ltd, and creates quite a relaxed vibe. The album kicks off in excellent fashion with the lovely Secret Meeting, followed by the fabulous Karen and Lit Up. Track four Looking For Astronauts isn’t as good seems a little bland. Luckily the following track is much better and is a sensitive little number with Matt Berninger’s low key silky-smooth tones beautifully and seemingly effortlessly flowing.

The album continues in its graceful and curious manner, I’m particularly fond of All The Wine, an optimistic promise of life to come. Abel, the single taken from the album, is fairly up-tempo and a little rough around the edges as is the final track Mr November.

Of the thirteen tracks on Alligator I would say that 10 are great, the remaining tracks not being too far behind.