The Kills – No Wow – Single Review

by Emma

Just another ‘The’ band? Nah! The Kills bring something original to the table with their eclectic mix of electro beats and funky rythms.

The single is released with various remixes by the likes of Death From Above 1979’s Jesse and Chicken Lips. I can’t help feeling that there is something missing from this track though – it is kinda catchy and definitely different, however it’s almost like I am waiting for some amazing hard riff or thumping beat that never happens.

The Kills – Love Is A Deserter

by Emma

Love Is A Deserter was released on Domino on 30 May is taken from The Kills’ second album No Wow. The track keeps in form with previous hit The Good Ones with an electro sound infused with strange calm yet punky vocals.

The track is quite laid back and although it is carried by an upbeat tune it does lack excitement and fails to peak at any point, instead maintaining a constant level throughout.
A favorite at live performances this is definitely one for fans of the kooky disco-come-rock sound.