Sounds Like Violence

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What’s being said about the band’s first album..


Release Date: Feb 12th 2007

‘With Blood On My Hands’ is a fitting title for SOUNDS LIKE VIOLENCE’s long-awaited full-length debut. There’s blood alright…and it’s coursing like venom through every song on the album. It’s smeared on the walls, dripping on the floor, oozing from frayed arteries and drowning lead vocalist Andreas Söderlund’s damaged, scarred psyche. It’s the blood that’s filling the hole where his heart used to be…and inciting the band’s frantic, downright explosive sound.

If catharsis was the main theme of SLV’s critically-acclaimed debut CDEP ‘The Pistol’, then ‘With Blood On My Hands’ takes it a step further by manifesting the unflinching and honest imagery of a man struggling with the demons of “black love” as Söderlund describes it. Whether it’s an affair that’s exciting-yet-destructive or simply the bitter condemnation of an ex-lover, ‘With Blood On My Hands’ is a raw, exposed nerve revealing unhinged pain and jagged tension through its dynamic songwriting.

As a whole, ‘With Blood On My Hands’ follows a trajectory similar to that of a destructive relationships, beginning with a steady, nervous beat and gradually erupting into a buzzsaw of guitars and percussive stomp. Blasting out unpolished, gritty pop hooks that drive the stake deeper and deeper with each crushing riff, ‘With Blood On My Hands’ gushes more and more until it finally reaches a critical level with the incredible album closer “The Greatest.” It never felt this good to be on life support.

“Soul-crushingly magnificent…these tracks are positively compelling. KKKKK.” – Kerrang
“From the first note to the last…explosive, original and simply mind-blowing.” – Absolute Punk
“Giving vehemence a new voice, Sounds Like Violence is vital.” – Rock Sound

SOUNDS LIKE VIOLENCE is Andreas Söderlund (vocals, guitar), Philip Hall (guitar), Daniel Teodorsson (bass, vocals) and Daniel Peterson (drums). ‘With Blood On My Hands’ was recorded and produced by the band at Mission Hall Studio in Sebbarp, Sweden. ‘With Blood On My Hands’ is scheduled for release in North America on Deep Elm in late February and will be available from Burning Heart Records throughout the UK and Europe on Feb. 12th, 2007.