Serpico review

by Lucie plus guest writer Paula

To go with our divine little interview with the Serpico boys, we’ve had a listen to the music they have on their pretty little MySpace page and decided to make a little song and dance about it. This is a band that any self-respecting metal fan needs to listen to, put simply. Everything you want in your slice of morning rock is there – heavy licks, thunderous percussion, a gravel-voiced singer who sounds angry even when he isn’t… Come on, does it get better? In OI HQ, ‘Kultura’ is our favourite track on the page, fast-paced with an anthemic chorus, jumpy and fists-in-the-air. Plus I’m a sucker for a rolling drum intro. ‘Glasseye’ will appeal to those who like a good bit of angsty emotion with their rawk, while ‘400 Blows to The Head’ and ‘Alkaline Nights’ knock ones head off with more vicious guitar work than you could ever want, with ‘Feelin’ Minnesota’ and ‘Los Perros’ giving a very encouraging indication of what’s to come in the live show. There’s no denying that this is a kick-arse group, one that gets you excited about hearing it all live, if you’re lucky enough to do so.

I’ll pass over now to someone who knows a little more about metal then me, one of our guest writers, Paula:

After many repeated listening to the songs Serpico have on their myspace (much to the dismay of my child). I have come to the conclusion it is difficult to try to describe their sound other than good old style rock with a load of heavy riffs & pounding drums, that you can but help tap along too (which is always a good thing)

It is a bit hard to pin point any one particular influence (apart from the obvious Slayer -Reign In Blood opening riff at the start of Feelin’ Minnesota live), Think AC/DC meets Nirvana and throws some mid 80’s thrash bands such as Megadeth & Metallica into the mix and you might just have an taster of how they sound.

Just because we’re generous, have some tour details (all supporting Stone Gods):

17 Jan 2008 Fleece Bristol
18 Jan 2008 Academy 3 Manchester
19 Jan 2008 King Tuts Glasgow
20 Jan 2008 Academy 2 Newcastle
22 Jan 2008 Corporation Sheffield
23 Jan 2008 Barfly Birmingham
24 Jan 2008 Zodiac Oxford
25 Jan 2008 Rock City Nottingham
27 Jan 2008 Wedgwood Rooms Portsmouth
28 Jan 2008 Concorde 2 Brighton
29 Jan 2008 Camden Underworld London
30 Jan 2008 Waterfront Norwich


by Jo and Lucie

Those Serpico blokes are getting themselves around a bit. After forming in 2002, life got in the way a little until three years later, when singer Mikey got them glued together properly and they started making their mark. They’ve already supported super-big names like Paradise Lost, AFI, InMe, Wednesday13 and rising stars Black Stone Cherry and Lost Alone. Early 2008 sees them supporting OI favourites Stone Gods (if you haven’t visited us lately, they’re the remains of The Darkness plus Graham Coxon’s bassist Toby MacFarlaine), and in February Serpico will be re-entering Chapel Studios (where the Serpico EP was recorded) to create their debut album with Canadian producer Rhys Fulber.
We cornered Mikey for a delightful soiree, recorded for posterity right here.

So, how did you get this tour then? Did it descend as a gift from the gods?

Gods… ho ho ho! We (well, I say we, I mean Jonny, our amazing booking agent/drummer) got in contact with their agent a while ago when we saw the tour announced. We heard that the band was made up from the remains of The Darkness, so that obviously intrigued us, because they were so big a couple of years ago (I’ve got to admit to paying silly money on eBay for tickets to see them around Christmas 2003, I think). We didn’t hear anything for quite a while, then we got offered the tour! So yeah, that’s how the tour was organised… We do all our own booking, got in touch with their agent (who we’d worked with before on the Black Stone Cherry tour).

News like that is the sort of stuff that makes your week!

Yeah, it wasn’t too bad to be honest! This is our 5th UK tour now, we’re gonna have had almost 8 weeks off touring by the time this starts. We’re definitely itching to get back on the road. Also it’s going to be interesting touring with a band who the crowd aren’t necessarily going to know a lot about, other than their pasts.

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