Serena Maneesh Album Review

by Emma

The self-titled debut from Norwegian rockers Serena-Maneesh is an eerie and experimental offering, showcasing a wealth of style and variation. Both vocals and the distorted screams of the guitar float spookily throughout this album leading the listener quite softly from one track to the next. Tracks such as Beehiver have a little more excitement with it’s basement echoey feel and tortured screams.

The majority of the tracks are very busy, and have so many things going on at once it can prove difficult to listen to each track as a whole without being distracted from one element of the sound to another. For this reason the quiet calmness of Her Name Is Suicide is a welcome break. This album requires several listens before you can really get past the business, and is by no means easy listening! A rewarding soundtrack for the more intense listener!