Sandy Dillon – Pull The Strings LP

by Emma

The seventh album released from Avant Garde artist Sandy Dillon is due for release on 24th April, and is interesting to say the least!

Title track opens the LP and is unconventional yet strangely drawing. Odd scratchy vocals are somewhat overshadowed by the eerie dialogue of the puppeteer over a mismatched beat. And so goes the album as it switches from manic and crazed to calm and bluesy. The musical styling is at times reminiscent of 1960s skittle with a basic ringing guitar and the cheery addition of harmonica and keyboard.

Sandy Dillon’s vocals are certainly different, childlike yet aggressive in places. One thing is for sure though – they, like the lyrics are full of heart and soul. Of a generous sixteen tracks my favourites are the sing-song Why? and Pull The Strings.

Fans of experimental avant garde will really appreciate this record. It isn’t quite my cup of tea though, and for those like me it would take time for this to grow on you.