Rose Kemp EP review

by Emma


No, it’s not the scary Walford Mitchell brother although the EP title would fit…it’s the honey-voiced underground musician Rose Kemp.

Title track and single Violence is melancholy and edgy, with infusions of cutting guitar to break apart the soulful tones of the verse. This track takes some of the rough, and pours over a silky accompaniment of the smooth with great effect.

Morning Music is a quiet and open track, which is in the main Kemp’s vocals with little background distraction. The vocals are versatile and Kemp can squeeze an air of anguish from her voice as easily as she can whisper a soft melody. Final track Tiny Flower is an impressive and inventive song – where other than a little percussion Kemp uses layers and layers of her own vocals as accompaniment to the main vocal. A well engineered piece.