Razorlight – In The Morning – Single

by Emma

Razorlight have made an excellent choice in new single from their current album. In The Morning is an upbeat, jingly and amusing song which speaks for the majority of the nation in that it’s about getting blind drunk and forgetting about whatever it is you did the night before! I can definitely say that I for one can identify! And so with a skip and a smile In The Morning will rock you into a cheery mood and probably a bit of a dance. The tune is quite regimental and will have you marching along in no time! The other tracks on the single are not quite so upbeat though…Doctor, Doctor is a bit of a ballad – tender vocals accompanied by piano only. What’s It All About? is a short and sweet track, again very gentle and harless. Razorlight can pull this style off, but they are much much better at kicking out fun and lively tunes … good job they picked one for the A-side then!