Protest The Hero single review

by Emma

Heretics & Killers

Heretics & Killers is the latest single from Protest The Hero’s face-melting debut album Kezia and is due for release on 13th November to coincide with their support slot on the mighty Bullet For My Valentine tour.

This track is a fiercesome, full-on onslaught of classic rock cries and group chant vocals, brutal double pedals and eye-popping axemanship. The ease of pace switching and irregular bars is just excellent as Protest The Hero do not fail to carry us into a sweet heavy nirvana. Bloody brilliant!

Protest The Hero – Kezia Album Review

by Emma

Kezia is the debut album from Protest The Hero following a couple of previous EP releases. Within seconds Protest The Hero launch a full on attack and the first thing you are hit with on this album is the face-melting opening riff of the brutal, interchangeable sounds of No Stars Over Bethlehem. Blinding.

Next track Heretics and Killers continues the assault, boasting unrelenting drums, blistering thick guitar riffs and switches between Killswitch-esque power vocals to an oddly calm speaking tone. The album is led in this way and the songs are of huge proportions, belting you through fierce riff after riff. Last track A Plateful Of Our Dead is tremendous and rounds the album off nicely.

Not for the faint hearted, Kezia is technically brilliant and bold. Excellent showmanship and range here. This album is a real credit to Protest The Hero.