Nemo: Your new favourite band.

Listen up Electro fans, you can get your hands on a free track from the geniuses that are Nemo. Some of you may already know them from The Mighty Boosh as lead singer James Cook has appeared in a few of the episodes, you also may have heard of them if you know anything about proper Electro. So past, current and future fans head over to Nemo’s website to get your hands on a free track, and there’s one a week! Be sure to sign up to the news letter so you don’t miss out.

Future fans be wary of awesome electric sounds, fabulous vocals and the fact that these guys might just become your new favourite band.



Nemo – Car Crash Eyes

by Lucie

More people should know about Nemo, simply because they’re fucking ace (yes, I’m bringing ace back). This glorious month sees the release of the Lahndahn electro-rawk quartet’s second single, Car Crash Eyes – a darkly sexy poprock piece, deliciously anthemic with sharp electro tendrils scraping through each lick.

The song is an ode to the disturbing world of the obsessive e-groupie, (with a matching video that features Alice Lowe as one of the above mad-eyed nutters); frantic and contagious in its thumping beat. And a chorus stuffed with vocal harmonies plus a climatic key change…? What can I say? I was already won over by Dance Rock (which, incidentally, you really do need… Seriously, it’s life or death), now I’m in love all over again.

The two B-sides, Erase – Escape and Timebomb are stolen straight whence electro was first born; the eighties. The rock is softened, the electro polished and pointed. These lads are genre spanners.

Our very own Jettica has wangled getting them featured on in the near future – look out for that badger, along with a little gushing plug that will no doubt appear in my later Electro article.
Electro-rock is back, with a vengeance. As are afro’s on white men, apparently…