by LouiseMirror are a three-piece gothglamrock band based in Germany.
They have a cool, heavy, unique sound and frontman, Mike, has some wonderful, shiny, pvc trousers!
Check the band out here: www.myspace.com/visualmirror
And here: www.veddma.com/mirror

And check out our interview, too…

How are you?
MIKE: Thanx, I am alive!

RAMIN: At the moment? Tired! But this refers to my job, I had a lot of private work to do the past weeks. Now, I´m in holidays and keep my guitars in tune.

IAN: In general I am fine. I´ve been really practicing a lot since summer. Playing in 3 bands as drummer means four or five days or evenings practicing and some gig every week. And every coming musician knows that you don’t earn money in this time. You have to pay for your practicing room, drums-equipment, bus that you drive, recordings…. So I really have to work a lot to make things happen…
These days I have a little flu, not bad. But I have big troubles with my back. So I also have to do sports; some gymnastics…

Who’s who & who does what in the band?
MIKE: I am the leader and do pretty much everything except drums and some lead guitar. It makes vocals, piano, keys, bass, balalaika and some guitars.

RAMIN: Mikey is the guy for the lead vocals , main songwriter and last but not least bass-man and piano-player. He also does the business stuff. Ian plays drums and percussion, and here and there, contributes on the vocal-lines. I´m the guitar-ass, second songwriter and do some lead and backing vocals. Mikey is the founder and the band-leader behind the scenes, I´m selling Mirror live on stage!

IAN: I am driving the bus, collecting the guys inside, carrying big black boxes and, between, playing the drums

How long has the band been together?
MIKE: I founded the band in the 90s, but Ramin’s been there since 2001
and Ian’s been in the band since 2004.

RAMIN: The band-thing `Mirror` has existed for more than ten years and was founded by Mikey in 1994. I´m the second or third guitar-player, I joined the band in 2002. The constellation with Ian refers to April 2004, while we were searching for drummer no. X. This constellation recorded `Shocking Debut´ in December 2004.

Who/what are your main influences?
MIKE: Bands and people who don´t give a shit and do what they believe in
without hurting the innocent.
I am talking about Manowar, Queen, Motley Crue, X Japan, Dir en grey, The Pleasures
and heroes like Martin Luther King.

IAN: Main infuences? There are a lot. I think my roots base between the late Buddy Holly 50s and late Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Thin Lizzy, Queen. Over the last years I prefer hearing more drumming styles that I call “filling the holes”, like Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band…

Describe your sound/style in 5 words..
MIKE: Versatile – visual – music – glitter – rainbow

RAMIN: Versatile, Fist in your face!

Are there any bands/artists you’d like collaborate with?
MIKE: I collaborate with Leif (Dancette) from The Pleasures all the time
and I am not going to stop it because it´s the most exciting collaboration
since Queen / Bowie´s “Under Pressure”.
But I´d love to perform “Mitsu No Tsuba” with Kyo as guest on TV-total.

RAMIN: Not really, in the past two years, we joined several gigs with different bands. In my opinion, we have to do our stuff ourselves, because none of them fit our style! There a lot of big names on the heavy rock heaven, but it will take some time to become rock giants!

IAN: There are several, I agree with Mike’s statements!

If you were to get a stage costume designed & made especially for you, what would it look like?
MIKE: Actually, I have the most of my stage costumes custom made.
Black and red, bat wings looks pretty cool.
But I think I will create something else in the future…

RAMIN: Nothing special, I´m always dressed in black and play black guitars.

IAN: I have a very special self made collection of jeans with some snake- cow- or comic inlays and I love self made shirts. I think I would really like to complete these clothes together with a designer…

What three things can you not live without?
MIKE: Girls, music, alcohol

RAMIN: My honey, my babies (especially the ‘Pauls), good food!

IAN: Love, music, coca cola

What made you smile today?
MIKE: Reading about George Bush´s 2 dogs and 1 cat and their peace in a magazine.

RAMIN: Me playing `little wing` (SRV-version) correctly!

IAN: A turn into Northern Germany´s Harz montains. Nature pure with my love.

What has been the highlight of your time in Mirror, so far?
MIKE: Doing a classical piano concert all alone without the guys
in Kiel but seeing the hall filled with fans and with Leif (Dancette) as special guest.
But the Mirror gig in Berlin with The Pleasures was great too thanx to the fans and only to them, despite dreadful sound and dreadful management.

RAMIN: Playing in Berlin with a correct working tube-head while totally losing control in a cool atmosphere! `Dearly Screw´ was awesome!

IAN: The support of Mike’s mom. And to complete an album with 3 people who live up to 100 kilometers away from each other with several recording sessions also 100km in a totally different direction.

Do you get nervous before a gig?
MIKE: A little bit, not too much, but not completely cold.

RAMIN: Never, I`m always half-drunk and I like to get on stage!

IAN: Since I was 14.

What’s your favourite Mirror song & why?
MIKE: I love all my children, so to speak, but “Golden Blues” has a special meaning to me personally.
And “Night On Broadway” is crucial due to exposing the band´s concept
through every band member writing and singing at least one verse of it.

RAMIN: I like `Valentine´s pleasure´, previously unreleased, cool sleaze rock, and I also like `Animal´ ´cause my guitar kicks ass in this song!

IAN: I like the percussive style and sound of Don Quijote

What are your hopes/plans for the future of Mirror?
MIKE: To be the biggest band in the world! And to never give up our hopes and dreams. To bring joy to ourselves and our fans.

RAMIN: Release the CD, the DVD, get on stage again, get a 45-billion-dollar contract and buy Hef´s Villa with all the bunnies!

IAN: To be big in Japan and later in the rest of the world is a nice dream when I think about Mirror
…see on the stages of the world…