Milburn – Album

by Emma

Milburn have recently released single Cheshire Cat Smile, a quirky pop-rock tune which fits nicely into the niche populated by the likes of Arctic Monkeys. Their debut album is due for release on 25th September and I was sent a sampler of six tracks. Tracks What You Could’ve Won and Storm In A Teacup are fun and upbeat, beats steady and vocals unmistakably northern and pertty smooth. The lyrics take the centre stage and with nice little catchy backing tracks they could be really successful. This band have just the right kind of sound for the moment.

One track to look out for is Send in the Boys, a more daring and exciting track which displays a good variance of pace and switches the beat enough to really catch and hold the attention of the listener. Milburn are an easy listening band, with a good technical quality and sense of tongue in cheek energy which will carry them far.