IV Thieves single review

by Emma

The Day is a Downer

IV Thieves debut with EP The Day is a Downer on 9th October 2006. The Texan quartet deliver a small collection of hooky although less than cheery songs by taking basic harmonies and understated vocals and allowing them to breathe without the need for fancy fretwork or such complications.

The Day is a Downer forms track one, and is a moody tale of the monotony that can seem to swallow life. The music itself is fairly jolly and provides a nice contrast. The easy vocal style makes for easy listen and easy learn which I think will help the songs catch on with airplay. Catastrophe follows a similar formula except the backing music and tone of the song I sunnier. Chase Me Off/Out is slow and building, the chorus catchy but the lyrics still saddening and a little brooding. IV Thieves seem to have the knack of writing unhappy lyrics but keeping the overall tone and mood higher to keep the listener from the depths of depression!