Get Amped – Tyrannosaurus – Single Review

by Emma

Get Amped are about to burst onto the rock scene with the release of their debut album Postcards From Hell, but up until now you may not have heard of this UK trio.

Get Amped are the kind of band who are focusing stiffly on music and pushing aside image or fashion that seems to be smothering the scene of late. Tyrannosaurus is a humorous and thoughtful track with a solid chugging bass line and features some nice harmonies that are still a little rough around the edges. B track Plug Me In has some nice dirty grungy guitar work and the boys pull some nice riffage out from under their sleeves.

So what is different about Get Amped? A bit of middle-eastern flavour brought back by Rick Parkhouse after living abroad for three years. This sounds odd, but I assure you it is a subtlety that does really work.