FULC – Embrace.Destroy – Album Review

by Emma

New mini-album, Embrace.Destroy is the latest release from FULC, up and coming UK rock metal quartet.

Embrace.Destroy consists of six tracks, and starts off with two softer tracks spilling raw emotion and intelligent thought. The music is gentle as required during the verse and blasts into a powerful surge of guitar at the chorus, accentuating the main lyrics beautifully. Duane Walker’s vocals are both smooth and raw, gritty and scratchy at the powerful parts. Track three, Wasting is a stronger track with a superb hardcore riff.

System is another fine track with gentle vocals layered over hammering guitar and blasting drum. Track five features some wicked synth and scratchy guitar, fantastic roaring vocals. The final track Entrapment is a mature and sad depiction of a bittersweet relationship.

Embrace.Destroy is an excellent mini-album and showcases the fine talents of Duane Walker, Rik Clay, Mark Cooke and Kris Kilmore. An added bonus is that these chaps are pretty easy on the eye too! I recommend adding FULC to your collection, and I really hope to hear much more from these guys soon.