Electric Eel Shock – Beat Me

by Lou

Being previously unfamiliar with Electric Eel Shock’s sound, I’m very pleasantly surprised and can confirm for the other EES virgins out there that it’s just as the name suggests; high power, high energy, riff-fuelled, lively music with a dollop of funk mixed in.
The rabidly vivacious riffs and electric funk make for a remarkable and vibrant sound. Almost like Primal Scream dowsed in heavy rock and proudly set ablaze.
Album opener, ‘Scream For Me’ is an attention-grabbing & infectious number, the rest of the album is of similar calibre and their cover of Sabbath’s Iron Man is brilliantly charismatic and brings the album to a momentous close.
-That, in case you couldn’t tell, was a very positive review!
I definitely recommend these guys!