Dolls Eye Weaver – ‘Shaving Cuts’ EP

by Lucie

This record reads like a working class pop-rock Bible, the fast-paced riffage sounding like a grown-up version of Sum 41, with the vocals giving away the very English theme. Some seriously ace and elaborate guitar work seems at odds with the gruff lyrics, but that’s not a bad thing – I for one am very open to a good paradox, as long as it works. Dolls Eye Weaver aren’t trying too hard, they’re having a good time. Each song on this EP is deliriously fun in its beat, turning heavy with the personal stand-out track ‘One Of The Pack’, rebellion against conformity. I’m also rather keen on ‘I Won’t Back Down’, with its layered chorus and firmstanding attitude; it’s good enough to be a single that would immediately let the listener know what kind of gaggle these boys are.

I get pretty sick of bands feeling they need to squeeze textbook ballads into their records, so I’m pleased to find Dolls Eye Weaver don’t care about that kind of shtick. Their punk ideals have to be respected, their defiance and the sense of upheaval… A winning combination for all who are waiting for a break from sparkly fake pop, wanting something real and dirty back.
I think this band and their stance can be rounded up in a line from ‘Absolution’: “I love rock and roll, I’m a simple soul, I’m not looking for absolution”.