Ahráyeph – better than the chocolate

by Jo

Raf started this project many years ago, when some of you were still twinkling stars in the school nativity play. The denizens of Leuven in Belgium may not yet be fully aware that they have stars in their midst, but Ahráyeph are attracting interest across the globe thanks to Myspace and the Heartland site (a place for dodgy goths, dodgy goths in denial, and the rest of humanity that like a bit of a darker side to their music). After many years of toil and bubble, they’ve signed a deal with French label D-Monic and all systems are go. The debut album ‘Marooned on Samsara’ will now be released in March/April next year, and there are of course tracks on Myspace to listen to right now. People have even travelled from GLASGOW to see them, so you’ve no excuse for getting along to listen, buy and dance. I cornered Raf via MSN to conduct a reasonably random interview – here are the bits that made sense:

Raf: ok, shoot

Jo: Ok.. not that I had much time to prepare but hey… *switches to almost sensible mode*

Raf: mhehe – i thought journalists were like boy scouts : always prepared

Jo: Yeah they say teachers should be, too. Right… So, I hear you got signed – what’s the story?

Raf: I heard that too. And since the label posted it on their website, I suppose it’s true. Basically, we’ve been previewing songs off the album on our Myspace page. Laurent and Laurent (I kid you not) from D-Monic came across them, liked what they heard and let me know they were interested in a release. So I sent them a CD with all the songs and there you go : a record deal. Sometimes it is that simple.

Jo: I think some people would be very jealous, actually, i can think of at least two… Blimey, a bolt from the blue.

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