by Jo

Justin has got together with his mate Beverlei Brown in a bid to be the Royaume Uni’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest this year. The decider is on Jus’ birthday – 17 March – and there are promises of catsuits if they get through to the Icelandic final. If you don’t like the song, that in itself is worth voting for. Ahem. Personally I’m not impressed by the competitors but the Public is an odd school of fish. Jus is excited about it, and tbh I’m not surprised that he decided to do it. He does what he wants to, not what people prescribe that he should, and he does things with all his energy.No half measures. If you don’t know that by now..
Right, he’s just about to be on Richard and Judy. BRB… I hope he tells them big time he’s not in TD anymore. they KEEP saying it. Pffttt Brian Harvey..
Mmm lovely straight glossy dark hair. He looks goooood.
Jus has got the right angle on this. ESC is not about credibility, clinging to it desperately, it’s just about entertaining and having fun. Like TD – definitely not about being cool, cos that was never their aim. The song is ‘They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To’, written by Jus and with long term friend Beverlei involved by trying things out one day in the studio, is a pure pop song with gorgeous falsetto much in evidence. And Beverlei’s fine voice, of course. Let’s not be tooo biased here. She’s worked with LOADS of artists, has plenty of talent and industry experience. It’s a perfect song for Eurovision, even judging by such a short clip. pffftt to the rest. dull dull.

Both seemed confident, with Jus less nervous appearing than in previous interviews. Is it 1-1 he doesn’t like?

Making Your Mind Up. 17 March. – The Ultimate Site for New Music

by Jet

A new and innovative website to be launched early November by Broeknrule records is set to transform the world of marketing for bands. People are finally starting to realise that Myspace isn’t all it’s cut out to be what with the delays and errors that a regular Myspace user is likely to encounter whilst browsing the site. I as a Myspace user have found that bulletins don’t send when I want them to, I have trouble logging in and can’t send messages half the time. Another annoying thing is I get all excited when it says new message on my homepage, yet I can click on that and they are all read messages; I cannot tell you how disappointed I am, I love messages.

Also, you message Myspace telling them that your messages won’t send, twice, and you get replies like ‘How to send a message on Myspace’. That doesn’t help.

Of course, Myspace has been the leader in community websites with all the best tools and most users. However, whatever backdoor stuff Myspace are running it can’t handle that volume of users. So eventually people are going to get so annoyed that they will have to stop using Myspace because nothing works.

As I do a lot of work in the music industry I can tell you that Musicfinity is going to out rock Myspace by miles. It has new and exciting features that let bands promote and sell their music for free, they will have available to them a huge database of magazines, record labels, promoters and other Industry executives. I can’t think of a better way to get heard than that. Creating your own competitions, earning money, gaining points and winning prizes. Plus, it’s not just for bands there are many a different account style Listener (that’s you guys), Promoters, Industry Executives and then the bands.

One flaw in the plan though is that it doesn’t launch until early November. I know I can’t wait a couple of weeks for this, sounds like the best thing since The Darkness.

For more info go to

You could also have the chance to win Muse tickets for you and three mates.

Keep a look out for Nudity, Llamas, Free Giraffes and Daleks.

Zombie Fest For Halloween

by Emma

What are YOU doing for Halloween?

Halloween is approaching and at last the time has come to embrace all that is ghostly, ghastly and spooky! So what will you be doing to celebrate this year? We at Optimum Impact have a wicked suggestion…

Zombie crew Send More Paramedics will be playing a small number of gigs towards the end of October and in doing so are giving us the perfect excuse to don corpse-like make-up, get dressed up in your finest living dead-esque attire and rock the hell out!

Dates are as follows:

16/10/2005 Hull Adelphi
17/10/2005 Birmingham Flapper
18/10/2005 Manchester Phoenix
19/10/2005 Leeds Fenton
28/10/2005 Leeds Joseph’s Well
15/11/2005 Manchester The Music Box

Join the flesh eating crew and make this Halloween one to never forget!