Where we are

by Jo

So.. an odd couple of months. Justin went into The Priory, and as far as we know, is still receiving treatment. Precisely what for is also unknown, but drink, drugs and bulimic tendencies do not make happy bedfellows. I’m sure they’ll all get their proper share of attention in his programme. Jus is usually brutally honest about himself, I’ve noticed. There’s probably far more to it than that too, who knows what’s going on in Justin’s life.. What we want to know is that he’s alright and getting good care. He’ll always have our support, and tahnk the lord no one’s bleating about the third album being held up.. a good thrashing would probably be administered if they did. If there ARE any darklings that have actually visited The Priory, then that’s a damn shame. He’s not in a sideshow – IMO that’s not really an appropriate way to show support. All love to family and friends, from everyone, as has been said so many times on forum.

Richie has been on hols, swanning about Europe and getting his new tatt coloured in.. it should all be lovely and healed by now. Runs his own Myspace, too..

Dan is apparently very busy, with something that will be revealed in due time. The British Whale album producing? On an OU course? Having a baby? Training to be a football coach? A TV series? Oooo I could go on speculating for ever (and I was!). Whatever it is, it’ll have the perfectionist touch. Rob says he’s working hard in the studio in deepest Norfolk. Jolly good show.

Ed’s been seen out and about, as usual. I wonder what he thinks of his old T shirt being sold for £26?

Update from the North American Tour petition – it’s at 800 names at the last hearing, probably loads more by now.

The admin office address changed.

Apart from that, the usual silliness on forum, the odd spat.. we’re waiting patiently and hopefully for news. That boy means a lot to us.

Nothing else to report right this min.. We will, as soon as..