Justin leaves

by Jo

So, the day has come we didn’t want to see. Justin announces he’s left The Darkness. Not leaving, left. According to the short announcement, the rest of the band are in shock, and they were hoping he wouldn’t actually go.. which is why, apparently, we heard about it after the fucking Sun. AGAIN. That’s not FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH. Ahem.

For whatever reason, he’s gone. It’s been 18 months since he said that he was considering leaving during the furore involving Frankie’s departure. In my view, some of the reasons for that near loss probably still stand. His recent rehab for cocaine/alcohol addiction (and/or) apparently worked so well that he’s too clean for rock now, if you believe some of the things I’ve read today. Bollocks. Justin needs to rebuild everything he has, now. Things don’t become starry the minute you finish rehab, and he has the bulimia spectre to deal with too. That boy has worked his guts out for this band since Dan signed him up on Millenium Eve. He’s given everything he has, as a crowd pleaser, showman, comedian, musician and brilliant composer. He’s taken jibe after jibe after jibe, been ridiculed, satirised, stalked, been the object of contempt.. it’s just so not easy to take. He may have invited some of that, but he dealt with it as he should, pouring scorn on those who criticise for a kick, who look for copy, not truth. Shame on you all.

Those of us who love him know his worth. His talents should not be allowed to burn out, and they would quite possibly have done, with the added pressures of the new album and touring on the horizon as well as British Whale’s album to release. Those on their own would have been daunting enough straight out of the Priory, without any other problems. And everyone has more than a couple.. The whole truth will out, eventually, one day. To be honest, it doesn’t matter. Justin’s mental and physical health DO. SixSister wish him all the good things he needs to have, and look forward to anything he wishes to do in the future.

Justin’s genius has gone from TD, on a sad day for all darklings. He wasn’t the band, for us, but he was.. its eccentricity. If the band stays together (too much shock to know what to do next, though Richie is billed as taking over the frontman role, which would be interesting.. and would work) it will be different, but we’ll be there. For the Darkness ethos of seriously rocking fun. For ourselves, the darkling community. And for the three lads that are left, giving every support they need.

On a personal note, I’d like to add that Justin has both been kind and has completely humiliated SixSister in the past. However, it is a measure of his star quality, his talent, and everything about him that has kept us impressed by him, and left us able to write this final emotional, heartfelt tribute to someone who brought us all together in the first place. Good luck. Our thoughts go with you, sweet, funny, sexy Justin, and thank you.