The Boyfriends album review

by Emma

Released on October 2nd, The Boyfriends’ self-titled debut album is a collection of thoughts and wonderment by writer and frontman Martin Wallace. Bold and brave are the lyrics and subject matters chosen, and most are easy to identify with.

Brave Little Soldiers bursts into full swing with a quick pop beat and vocals that are individual and calming. I don’t generally like comparisons to other bands but if you imagine the feel of Stone Roses crossed with Morrissey you would be close to the feel of The Boyfriends. That’s not to say that they sound like either of these artists though. Speak Less and Listen is a candid and lighthearted memo to those who just don’t seem to stop talking and may be slightly overbearing. British Summer Time is a funky pop observation of summer park life, complete with funny lyrics that make you laugh because you know they are so true. A Fearless Heart is a slower but still cheerful tune, picking up on the good points of almost-there love affairs. The simplicity of the tune is lovely and so easy to enjoy.

Track five, Remember, kicks up the pace again and is a jolly and melodic ode to fond memories. Adult Acne takes a sadder tone, delving into feelings of loneliness when it seems that you might never find that someone to love you. The bouncing bassline keeps the pace and so the overall mood doesn’t sink too low. Once Upon A Time is a bittersweet track about leaving behind those that mean most to you. The pace is up and the tone is cheery though and it’s a nice singalong pop track. Wonders Never Cease is an amusing little song, again an observation of life with a cute happy outlook. This one is another simple track with great results. Next track No Tomorrow is a message to people to not get caught up in sadness when life knocks you down. An optimistic and spirited tune. I Love You was the first single to be released and a brave one at that, as the track says much, much more than people often do. It’s a whole-hearted declaration that throws caution to the wind and with a strong riff and heavier drums than on most of the other tracks it’s a winner. The closing track There Is Always Hope is a simple message that needs no explanation. The track features prominent thick drums which suit the slower pace of the track.

This band embodies a great attitude and spirit that is often bypassed by today’s bands, and I found the album refreshing and uplifting.