Dan Sartain album review

by Emma

Join Dan Sartain

Behold the new album from Dan Sartain! The young ‘Ivory Godfather’TM releases Join Dan Sartain on 2nd October 2006 to high acclaim.

Dan’s slick tones and exceptional outspoken outlook brings us another collection of high-class tracks not to be dismissed. Smooth and compelling are tracks such as the wonderful Flight Of The Finch, The World Is Gonna Break Your Little Heart, the first single released from the album the grand Replacement Man and Second Coming. Storyteller supreme is Dan Sartain and the wise within his words belies his young age of 23.

Jiggy, wild and dramatic are tracks such as Drama Queens, imagination fodder Gun vs. Knife which inspires the imagination to happily conjure western movie-esque scenes packed with lines such as ‘well I know he’s got that pistol and he waves it in his hand’ and liberating cries. Hangers On is a fast and furious tune with lyrics that pack a punch or two.

Calm and collected are the righteous Thought It Over, the delightfully dark cover of Besa Me Mucho, as well as other favourties I Wanted It So which flows wonderfully with a killer riff and plenty of ‘woah woah’s and ‘yeah yeah’s. Indian Ink is fantastically dramatic with tumbling guitar and an almost tribal drumbeat.

Join Dan Sartain…you would be crazy not to, so sit back and take it in.