Towers Of London at Bristol Academy 2

by guest writer, Sez

Towers Of London, eh? A lot of mixed reactions are often received when mentioning the Towers – often such comments as if they are a joke. Let’s face it, they haven’t got the brightest of reputations.

Arriving at the Carling Academy in Bristol, it wasn’t to long before THE Rev of TOL made an appearance, strutting out of the venue with a blonde on each arm. He made a couple of trips around the block…. Each time passing the now growing queue, receiving the odd whistle and shout – there is something weird but funny about GUYS screaming out “rev, I want your babies!”.
So, Eventually entering the venue, once in this small room the wait was an hour…. seemed to go on forever.

First support arrives on stage, local Bristol band called ‘Bare Knuckles’- hearing influences of Ash maybe, but heavier. Playing for a good half an hour or so, cheers were often received and no bottles thrown. Not bad.

And so waiting for the second support, the sounds of Wednesday 13 was keeping the crowd entertained and a smile on my face…. The waiting continues.
A rather amusing set of people starts to appear on stage. A tall-ish skinny guy with a black glittery cardigan, a silly hat, and big blue glasses – accompanied by a dreadlock headed lead guitarist, a small lady with sunglasses and bear ears on her head and other band members. They start playing- the sound is very reggae-rock, perhaps a bit ska. This then carries on into a very Gogol Bordello sound and look. I didn’t catch their name.

Here it goes… myself and my mate get crushed as the crowd push and move forward, side to side and back, whilst the singer of this band jumps into the tide. Mind your glasses mate! He gets mauled and then dragged out by security.
And so the waiting game starts again. We decide to move further to the side, as obviously, the crowd antics are only going to get worse. The waiting music is appalling, and often chants of ‘towers, towers’ arrive, but are sadly short lived… were the towers ever going to appear?
At last, the glorious sound of an air raid siren…I’m A Rat!

Unfortunately we get totally crushed, and we have to manoeuvre ourselves to the back. Within the first two minutes of bursting onto the stage, Donny jumps into the crowd. He is strangely adored.

Each song played, was played well – and everyone was loving it. A couple of new songs appeared in the middle of the set, they are great- yet more sing along anthems for the future. Each sound from the band is great- considering what people may think. Guitar solos to blow your socks off and punk-rock anthems, what more could I ask for? Donny enters the crowd a second time- this time he gets swallowed up, and re-emerges what seemed like quite a time after he disappeared…. Security sweep in. As Donny is pulled out from the crowd, he is now vest-less, and very hyper… security struggle with him to stop him from entering the crowd again!

Their set seemed short… everyone was sad to see them go offstage, and no chance of an encore.
And so the slow struggle to leave the venue starts…. Whatever you may think of this band, their live performance is not to be mocked. Fans of TOL will love, and have loved seeing them. Although it is a shame that they are not playing the little bit bigger venue!
That was rocking indeed!

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