The Fratellis at The Carling Academy, Birmingham

by Lucie

Oh, the anticipation! The rapture! The promise of sweet sweet rock! It was one of those gigs where I wanted to rewind and start it all over again as soon as it was over. Minus the support band, who were wank stains in trackies, and I simply stared indifferently at for a full half-hour.

An awesome-o gig was just what we (myself and my EMOtional gig buddy Leah) needed after a blustery day in sunny Birmingham, and adorned with feathers and sparkles we entered into the realm of Scotland’s finest. We were treated to a slide show of various famous images with the words “‘Mon The Fratellis!” photoshopped in to distract from hairy roadie arses (my favourite being the yellow ‘Baby Fratelli On Board’) sign, and we had to wait a mere thirty minutes before the glorious ‘Henrietta’ shagged our ears senseless. Perhaps a teensy bit of the effect was lost on Leah and I, who spent most of the song trying to find a spot away from the manic moshers thrashing in the middle, but once in a position where we should shake our finest bits, we let go and had, simply, THE most fabulous time! ‘Chelsea Dagger’ rocked the middle of the set big time, and our boas (which were bought exclusively for us to strut around in showgirl Dagger style) got a severe workout. We’re still washing pink feathers our of our hair.

The acoustic version of ‘For The Girls’, previously my least favourite Fratellis song, was a massive highlight, as little Jon Fratelli gave his bandmates a rest and took the limelight. It was a real lighter-in-the-air moment – “Lucie was there as well…”

We all went insane for ‘Baby Fratelli’, screaming along with “she was sucking fingers aaaaaaaaalll niiiiiiiight”, in grand Fratling/Fratelling/Frat-fan style. We were a fucking ace audience, if I do say so myself. If Jon congratulated us, I couldn’t understand, but I like to think he did. He did appreciate the two totally different shoes that were thrown onstage, if I remember correctly…

The band even showcased a couple of new tracks, which were more of the same and even better, excelling themselves again and again. Those buggers just can’t help being awesome! I’d been waiting for ‘Cuntry Boys and City Girls’ for about 45 minutes before they satisfied my craving, and I nearly lost my trousers and an eye from frantic jumping. But then, gigs were invented for dancing like a mentalist and nearly being blinded by your own breasts.

An incredible climax to the show was the fantastic threesome’s version of Goldfrapp’s ‘Ooh Laa Laa’, which gave me groinshock. TOO sexuous to even describe, too gorgeous an experience. Better than the original, but don’t tell Alison.

I truly would recommend seeing The Fratellis live, even if you don’t know their music. They’re so incredibly fun to listen to, as well as Jon’s side-to-side head bobbing being just quite cute. And he has such a lot of hair, which is worth it in itself. Every single song was just superb; the album alone gives me chills, so you can imagine the anatomical reactions that occurred hearing the whole thing live.
I pretty much wet myself.

“Of all the shitty little places I meet you, it’s here, and now I’m freaking out…”

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