Confused and possibly dazed

by Jo

This is an updated article.. Since this went out , the band via Richie and Toby have issued statements apologising for something that wasn’t their fault in the first place. All respect due to them for that, it was seen to and the fans kept informed. Thank you, boys. Your input is like rain on a very thirsty desert! The link is..

Now.. I’d like to apologise if this article gave offence to boys who weren’t aware of any problems and didn’t cause any, either. My job for OI is to report, reflect, comment – wouldn’t be doing this right if i didn’t include what the fans tell me in myriad ways. I got a lot of good feedback about it, and if the situation changes, more info comes to light – hell, I ain’t afraid to put things right, say sorry. But.. I’ll NEVER say sorry for making clear the current mood, to any of you, cos that’s not journalism, however amateur. Gone are the days when I was terrified of criticizing for fear of being ostracized. There are one or two people out there that would like me to sink without trace, but I’m not going to. And no one questions my integrity or commitment as a fan for doing it. The people who matter are aware of my feelings about this and everything I do for the band, so…

The original piece, then. Unedited.

Ok.. lots of boy news in the press again. A poorly rehashed version of several weeks’ myspace blogs hits the press – well, the Sun and the internet anyway. All such old news. ‘At least the PR engine HAS spluttered into life’ I thought. ‘That means something will happen soon.’ Good. Excitement all round, all sorts of bouncing going on across cyberland.

Now, by the end of the week, some things have become clear. There appears to be some kind of press battle on between Justin and the other lads, what with the Eurovision thing being made public. (Please note that this is not coming from Jus’s side) Pushing and shoving to keep the lads in the public eye. This was compounded with the release of the new homepage and evidence of a new photoshoot, which unfortunately does not coincide with the new band name release. ‘The Darkness’ is still plastered over that photo.

A good many fans are just happy to see a new pic. BUT.. another good many are expressing disquiet. (paraphrasing of blogs and posts follows) They’re tired, bored, fed up of being kept hanging on, being drawn into what looks like a PR war. They want it sorted. Want to be treated like adults. Longterm fans are now talking about walking away before they hear the new stuff.

Fans are confused, a little dazed.. and now they’re infuriated. Not to mention incensed, frustrated, incredulous, infuriated… Waiting is not a problem. Being treated like children, idiots, merchandise fodder IS. When your most dedicated start to be angry, you should really start thinking hard.

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