The Horn – New Single from The Darkness

The Darkness. The Horn. You just know it’s not going to be on a car insurance ad anytime soon, without even hearing it. One or two latex clothes sites I know of might be interested, maybe…

The Horn is one dirty, relentless little slice of heavy hard rock action. Rhythms drip pornographic grind and everything else adds the slick of oil for a shinier finish, guaranteed to leave stains everywhere it touches. The lyrics are exactly what you’d hope – sexy, naughty, funny and descriptively detailed, laced with little touches of affection.  The sense of a certain wide-eyed gobsmacked innocence lurking at the back  – I don’t know whether to chuckle or raise my eyebrows, as I can’t do both together.

I’m in love all over again. They do this so damn well. I like The Horn far better than other recent releases (which doesn’t mean I don’t like them, far from it) just because the whole song is so darned wonderfully Darkness.

God help us all if there’s a video. There are enough Juslings in the world who have keeled over today, and I don’t think the NHS could cope. You know damned well they knew that was going to happen!

Released today on iTunes, Google whatsit thingy and other places. Played on this tour to popular acclaim, plenty of videos of live performances to view. Oh, and there’s a new version of Christmas Time too, which was released on the 18th of this month (November).

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