Anniversary Competition Time

I know, another anniversary in a year of them. What NOW? I hear you almost wonder.

Today, 11th of November 2013, is the 10th anniversary of the Carling Homecoming at The Astoria. The first airing of ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End). BUT – it is not that which I wish to commemorate.

TODAY is the 10th anniversary of MY VERY FIRST DARKNESS GIG. 

To mark this momentous occasion/the start of a love affair/the discovery of the meaning of rock spandex (etc, ad infinitum) OI is giving away 2 tickets for the last gig of the Immaculate Misconception extravaganza. You could be in Lowestoft on 19th December to see The Darkness and LostAlone in TD’s home town. In the East, baby, for one hell of a night!

All you have to do  (you have to work a little for this) is to do your own interpretation of a Darkness song, preferably from PTL. Dance, poetry lyric recitals, mime, opera renditions, a piece of glorious art… maybe even a canine singalong to Black Shuck. Photos, Vines, videos, audios all welcome. Post them here, on our Facebook or on twitter. Entries by 1st December, please!

Celebrate with us  – we’ll be there!

Love and eternal Darkness

OI xxxx



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