The Platinum Correction – CD up for grabs

Classic Rock had a live CD of the Thetford Forest attached to last month’s magazine – for subscribers only. On eBay, they were going for silly money.

Thanks to the generosity of Darklings (thanks Chris) and teachers (thanks egyptiangirl) I now have two copies to call my own. I only need one, so I’m letting one go far away to a new home. Classic Rock isn’t likely to have reached many of you overseas, so I’m making this a strictly non-UK giveaway. It looks like it’s going to appear on iTunes, but the actual CD is now a collector’s item so come and get it! The magazine isn’t included, and the CD hasn’t been played.

Let me know what one other song you would have put on this CD, and why. Track listing is:

Every Inch Of You / Black Shuck / Get Your Hands Off My Woman / Everybody Have A Good Time / Planning Permission / With A Woman / One Way Ticket / Growing On Me / I Believe In A Thing Called Love

You have a week to contemplate!

11 thoughts on “The Platinum Correction – CD up for grabs

  1. I would have put Shake Like A Lettuce Leave on it because it’s a really underrated song and I’ve never heard it live! Although I guess with his newfound veganism Justin might want to change some of the lyrics…

    I like simple things, tofu pies, I still like potatochips and I still like my sushi deepfried but only the ones that are just rice and avocado

  2. First of all, thanks you so much for making this contest available to us Non-UK residents!! That’s really lovely.

    “English Country Garden” would have been perfect…

    *** I carved “You for me” in the bark of a tree in an English Country Garden ***

    I have never been to Thetford Forest, but I googled it and as soon as I saw some photos of it, images of Justin frolicking in heaps of leaves, running hand in hand with his loved one (in slow motion) and having a blast came to mind. So that would have been perfect…

  3. I would have put ‘LOVE IS ONLY A FEELING’

    because if you own one of the best power ballads you must play it every single show!! and because I love the song in his ‘live’ version!!

  4. I know I’m too late, but I have been listening to all 3 albums on rotation for weeks since you posted this. SO many songs, but after much thought- ‘Best Rock Ballad Ever’. Filmed here in Oz. Beautiful song. 2 guitar solos (one from each Hawkin’s Brother). All Band members step up & own it in this song. It makes me cry & moves every part of my core. Love Is Only A Feeling <3

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