The Authentics – Supercharge – EP

by Emma

With grilling opening guitar and a dirty fast-rock sound The Authentics seem to be picking up where other bands have left off several years ago. They have been compared to The Wildhearts and I can agree there is an element of the fast guitar and quick lyrics that The Wildhearts were the true masters of. Supercharge is a fine example of sleazy unruly rock with a kick-ass attitude and an arrogance which almost became a staple of the genre in it’s prime. Second track You Wanna Be Me is a less grinding but technicaly sound track, complete with rifftastic guitar solo. Fifteen Minutes of Shame sounds quite busy as the lead guitar tends to outshine the vocals in a vie for attention of the listener. Catchy tune though and a nice bit of stop-start guitar that always bodes well in my view. Final track The Right Stuff is a slow opener, but once it kicks in the shouty backing vocals and righteous tones that remind me a little of early Faith No More, which obviously is a bloody good thing! So, The Right Stuff…one version is a late eighties boy band hit complete with funny dance, and the other an impressive and experimental effort from an up and coming rock group. Which would you prefer?!