Dan Sartain – Replacement Man – Single

by Emma

As if right from out of a Western Dan Sartain sings with a threateningly calm coo, distinctly dark and menacing tones seeping through. Relacement Man, out on 18th September, is a guitar twanging hoe-downing tune, catchy and a little scary at the same time. Sartain has been likened to the late Johnny Cash and it is easy to see why. Second track Indian Ink is another simple yet powerful track and seems to leave an imprint of itself on the mind. Not the type of music you could hear and forget, this is the stuff movie soundtracks are made of and sets a certain mood in as quick as a flash, then seems to end in the same way.

Although, not quite my musical cup of tea, I think that Dan Sartain has the credentials to become a house hold name…let’s watch this space.