Screaming Tarts – The Album

by Louise

Volume 3

Who’da thunk one CD could be filled with such vast and varied and wholly substantial ROCK? Screaming Tarts is a fine specimen, a credit to the fanzine world. And boy do they spoil you with their compilation albums! Volume three features tracks by the mighty Robin Black, hard-rockers Disarm, sleaze-rockers King Lizard, punk-rockers Patchwork Grace and loooads more in between. It’s fast, it’s dirty, it’s heavy, it’s rockin’, and it’s worth every penny of its wee £6 price tag.

These compilation albums are brilliant for introducing music lovers to bands they might be missing out on… e.g.; I have just been introduced to Devilish Presley, suddenly I’m rather addicted to their brilliant track; Black Glitter. Initially attracted to the song’s title, I was pleased to find that the song itself is majestically dark, yet sparkling and vivacious. Full of life and dressed with a tight ribbon of fiery vocals.

These compilation albums are also great for introducing music lovers to bands of which they have heard, but whose music they have yet to hear… e.g.; I have just been introduced to Renegade Playboys, their radiantly infectious Bad Gurlz has some awesome licks that reach out from deep within the speakers and claw at your unsuspecting ears. A song of this calibre would not be out of place in the thick of the eighties hair-metal era.

In summary, if you like your albums varied and tasteful, thick with trashy rock and with just a hint of sleaze-riddled glamour, then this is for you.

Full track listing is as follows:

01. Phluid – Bang Bang
02. King Lizard – Hell Yeah
03. Mary-Jane – Love
04. The Alive – Away
05. The Evangelists – Microwave Man
06. David R Black – Signals
07. Renegade Playboys – Bad Gurlz
08. Patchwork Grace – Nancy
09. Uniting The Elements – Thank You
10. Disarm – Getaway
11. Star Scream – Scenester
12. The Visions – Morrissey’s Tongue
13. Blow Up Betty – She’s A Gonna
14. Devilish Presley – Black Glitter
15. Chairmen of the Bored – Suffocating
16. In So Far – Dream Alone
17. Zen Motel – Head
18. Robin Black – Seventeen
19. Catfish Scar – Scarred
20. Bernard – Your Song

It’s released on June 12th. Pre-order your copy now at: