The Pleasures EP

by Davey

‘Cuming Out’ EP

Glamorous attention whores The Pleasures released their EP ‘Cuming Out’ in 2005. With their mini UK tour rapidly approaching, this is a naughty little taste of their wares.

The band are claiming to be the resurrection of previously stone-cold glam rock (which I will judge for myself when I see them in July), and their EP, true to form, is a swift high-speed slap in the face and a scream for attention. Confident opener ‘Yes It’s Us’ is a true rock anthem, fast paced and heavy, making sure everyone knows their name, with the aid of an official announcement to open the record. The vocals are typically manic, the music dripping with sex and eyeliner, the guitars wail and screech and the glitter flies. When you hear The Pleasures, you see The Pleasures. And yes, they do look how you imagine them to look ( The whole EP maintains the energy displayed in the first few seconds, the most stunning song, ‘Parade Parade’ placed somewhere in the middle and radiating its hard-rocking glow far and wide.

Along with the EP, the band have recorded a couple of tasty cover versions, ‘Big L’ by Roxette and a particularly stonking ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’ (originally by the wondrous Slade, of course), both perfectly, deliciously wild and worth looking out for if you can find them.

Have no doubt, The Pleasures are cuming to get you.