Happy June

And so far, it is! The sun is shining, the festivals will soon be upon us, and there’s a brand new issue of OI for your delectation.


This month we have gig reviews aplenty, from <strong>Sisters of Mercy</strong> to <strong>Morrisey</strong>. We have news of a few upcoming gigs that will surely be the glamest glamrock gigs the UK will see for quite a while. We have a review of <strong>Screaming Tarts’</strong> latest compilation album, which is well worth investing in.


Plus, this month’s <strong>Blast From The Past </strong> is <strong>The Stranglers</strong>, and it’s <strong>Justin Hawkins’</strong> spangley equipment that features in <strong>Instrument Of The Issue</strong>.


Oh, and for you Darklings we have a review of The Darkness’ appearance at Rock In Rio.